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Park Rules

Welcome to our park! To make your stay more enjoyable we have put together a brief statement of park rules.

Check in

Check in 1.00pm onwards, and Check out 10.00am, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Reception is open from 9:00am until 7.00pm, unless otherwise notified. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries. The Kiosk is also open at these times with a wide variety of products and we cater for most needs. (Some exceptions may apply from time to time, please check with management).

Cancellation and Refund Policy

See cancellation and refund policy page.

Speed limit

Speed limit strictly 8km per hour maximum, (walking pace), please observe this at all times. The roads are shared with pedestrians and kids on allmanner of toys – care is most important.

Remain on Roads

Keep to the roads, do not venture off the roads in vehicles. Please do not take short cuts through sites and ensure you park in the designated place.Vehicles are not permitted in bush areas or off the roads, we wish to avoid erosion and damage to our fragile eco system – please help.


Our pool is open 8.00am till dark.

Children under 12 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Pool toys are available for use free-of-charge.

Please make use of the “phone booth” shower before using the pool.


Visitors are welcome in the park; however a charge applies for overnight stays and for pool use. In line with emergency procedures all visitors must register with reception for protracted stays or in the park “visitors” book for brief visits. Registered guests are responsible for their visitors’ observance of these park rules.


Fires are permitted in the receptacles provided unless fire bans are in place. BBQs are available free-of-charge – please leave them clean for others.


The Laundry open 24hrs, washing machines 2x$1 coins and dryer $1. Irons are available from reception. Washing Powder etc. is available from the kiosk.

Please use the clothes lines provided ONLY – do not hang cloths around your unit or van and, in the interests of energy conservation, limit the use of dryers
where ever possible.


“Yellow top” recycling bins are provided at a number of bin stations and a central recycling depot is outside the main workshop (adjacent to the “camp Kitchen”).

Separate Aluminium (light green top) and paper waste (dark green lid and black base) bins are provided as well as both a general recycling bins (yellow top) and an all black rubbish bins are to be found at the same transfer station. It is important to dispose of unwanted materials in a thoughtful and appropriate manner.

Rubbish – must be wrapped or bagged and placed in rubbish bins or skip provided. Babies nappies especially must be double wrapped or bagged before placing in bins. No food scraps are to be placed in laundry, bathroom or recreation room bins. Please do not place loose rubbish in any bin – extra rubbish bags are available from reception.

We are on a closed cycle SEPTIC system. No foreign matter i.e., cigarette butts, sanitary items or nappies to be flushed down any toilet.

See park map for designated disposal points.

General Behaviour

Noise is to be kept to a minimum after 9.30pm. There must be no climbing of trees or shrubs, or their removal or damage for any reason.Please treat all amenities buildings and their surrounds with respect. Mistreatment or vandalising of park property will not be tolerated. You’re required keep your site neat and tidy.Children – must be supervised at all times. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to inform children of park rules and ensure they are adhered to.


Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in any park buildings this includes all cabins, caravans or indoor communal areas. Please put cigarette butts in ashtrays provided, do not drop them on the ground. NO SMOKING is most important for the comfort and well being of others.BEDDING and TOWELS – Bedding and towels are provided to the master bed in all cabins but, as a rule, no others beds are supplied with it – additional bedding may be hired. We do not offer change options on either towels or linen so please make use of the outdoor drying facilities provided.


Under restraint pets are welcome in the park. Please check with reception for free-run areas and a copy of our pet policy. However, like the smoking rules above, pets are not permitted in any park building under any circumstances and must not interfere with the quite enjoyment of other guests.


Responsible use of gas, electricity and water is critical and insisted upon.Electricity, to avoid ADDITIONAL CHARGES please turn off heaters or coolers when you are not in the unit or van – it will only take a few minutes to adjust the temperature upon your return. Please turn OFF all appliances at the power point before leaving the unit.Water saving shower heads are in use but we still need to limit the length of showers.We are on permanent water restrictions, so – “no more than 4” – please keep showers to a maximum duration of around 4 minutes. Energy efficient lighting is provided in most areas but it is still important to “TURN OFF” the power at the power point when not required. This applies to television, air-conditioners and other appliances.Management requests your cooperation in achieving efficient use of all energy resources.

Additional Fees & Charges

Additional fees and charges will be applied for any park assets damaged or removed.

In addition, fees may be applied if energy usage is excessive or substantial extra cleaning is required.

Fees will be charged if the NO SMOKING or PET policies are violated.

These fees may also be charged if accommodation is in a generally unacceptable condition upon departure.

We limit such charges to maximum of $350.00 without additional written acceptance by the guests in question.


By accepting our accommodation you accept the rules and conditions herein stated. The owners reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any booking made for a person/s, or decline to accept or retain any such booking. The right is reserved to require any patron to withdraw from the park at any time, if in the opinion of the managers or their representatives, their acts, conduct or behaviour is offensive, detrimental or not compatible with the interests, harmony, comfort or welfare of other Stawell Park Caravan Park patrons.


Beware of falling tree branches.

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Contact & Location

(03) 5358 2709
2 Monaghan Road, Stawell  3381